Exploring Magalix Console

Magalix web console - 2.00 min read

The web console is a good place to start learning about the various features of Magalix. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface to manage your account and create apps. The Console homepage consists of the following areas:

  • Account Details
  • Create Apps
  • Time Range Selector
  • Navigation Bar
  • Main Dashboard

Account Details

The account details menu is located at the top right corner of the homepage. It provides a one-stop shop for managing your account, you can update profile, change, or reset password, email, and log out. This page also shows you your account id which may be required while raising a support ticket.

Create Apps

The create app menu is located at the top left of the home screen, the menu provides access to the different app creation options.

Time Range Selector

The time range selector is located in the top right corner below the account menu. It allows you to select the time range for the data shown on the dashboard. The data on the dashboard is updated as soon as the selector values are changed.


The minimum time you can choose is last one hour and the maximum is the last four weeks.

Main Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is located on the left side of the homepage. It provides access to various specialized pages of the web console e.g. Apps, Decisions, Billing, etc.

Main Dashboard

The home screen or the Main Dashboard has two sections e.g. account summary and app summary cards. It provides an overview of account level stats and a view of all the running apps along with their health status.

Account Summary
The account summary is located at the top of the homepage and is divided into three small cards. The cards show information at the account level and in relation to the time range, fidelity selected. It provides information related to the credit balance, estimated annual saving and upcoming scaling decisions generated by Magalix AI.

App Summary Cards
An overview of all apps running under the account along with their status, performance details and overall cost for the selected time range & fidelity. It also provides links to critical app related information e.g. events, logs, endpoints, etc. The main menu of the summary card allows you restart, delete, or get the app details and more.

Exploring Magalix Console

Magalix web console - 2.00 min read